Our locksmith team understands the security concerns inherent in apartment management. Privacy and personal property issues in multiresidential building require constant attention and anticipation.

Our locksmiths and security professionals are routinely dispatched to secure high-density residential properties.

Keeping tenants safe in their homes is providing them the security to keep them safe; secure locks, deadbolts, leversets, mortise locks, knobsets, hi-sec hardware, intercoms, gates and surveillance camera systems deter thieves and random opportunists from exploiting security weaknesses in your complex.

Changing out lock hardware, as well as the design, deployment, and maintenance of master key systems – are executed with a precision found only in the hands of a seasoned pro. Only you and your delegates can enter the units you would have them in.

We understand that rental occupancy is the parent force of cash flow. Tenant turnover is highest in apartment complexes. It’s another reason why we service them on a near-daily basis.

We understand that any business whose transactions associate directly with a person’s home must excel in its understanding of human nature to be successful. Interpersonal skill and sound business sense must translate to tact-tempered toughness – and be viewed through a lens of individual intuition. It is an exceptionally difficult balance to strike.

Add to this the unique challenges that suddenly present themselves – challenges requiring swift, precise and proven solutions. If a pipe bursts or a breaker blows, you must know who to call. Now.

Our profession rests upon the same fulcrum of understanding and standards as your own. Efficiency, craftsmanship and pricing that speaks well upstairs is key – and that’s precisely what we do best.

We love our commercial and residential property management customers. They know they can call us. Anytime. For anything, anywhere.

A licensed commercial locksmith can be at you property within an hour with a fully stocked mobile unit, ready to address all of your commercial lock and key needs.

When problems arise, tempers flare fast. Especially where people pay rent.
Barak Lock and Security’s expertise and proven track record are at your service. The moment you call.